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Software Profit Streams™


Create sustainably profitable software-enabled solutions.

Too many companies do a poor job of pricing and licensing their software-enabled solutions. They need help.
Unfortunately, they can’t find it. The old books on pricing don’t cover the incredible breadth and depth of modern software-enabled solutions. And none of the books on business models, design thinking, UX, or value streams provide direct, actionable guidance on pricing, licensing, and creating a sustainable profit. Join the newsletter, download the canvas, check out the resources, and be a part of helping us build profitable software solutions. 
Our book will help you design:
  • Solution Sustainability
  • Economic Sustainability
  • Relationship Sustainability

"Each book drop reveals more of the Profit Stream Canvas - I find myself anticipating each drop so I can continue to push my product team towards profitability"

- Carter H.

About the authors


Jason Tanner

CEO @ Applied Frameworks


Luke Hohmann

CINO @ Applied Frameworks

What people say about the Software Profit Streams Book

5/5 "Scrum’s purpose is to generate value. This book will help you do that."

Software Profit Stream is a game changer for achieving the Scrum goal of generating value for complex products. This book provides invaluable insights and practical strategies that have revolutionized my teaching and implementation of Scrum. As author Luke Hohmann has said, “It is no longer enough to generate value; you must generate profit.”

As a Scrum Trainer, Software Profit Streams has changed how I teach individuals and teams to use Scrum to deliver sustainable value. The book offers practical strategies and insights that have transformed my approach to teaching the product discovery cycle. The concepts of Tangible and Intangible Value and the seven Value Exchange Models are game changers in thinking about value. Students no longer think, “Oh, we’ll just sell ads.” is the easy button for product development.

This book should be on every product person’s bookshelf. I highly recommend it to all my product owner students and to anyone who cares about the success of their products and teams.

— Joel

5/5 "Bring technology into the boardroom as a key player"

"Technology is about providing the best solution for the business (IT is not paid to write code - although too many behave as if they are). Cost and the ROI are important factors, but few teams focus on this. Most are blissfully unaware of the business models and costs associated with what they are building. Technology is a partner - an integral part of the business - they need to understand the business. This is an important books for injecting profit-consciousness into technology by focusing on value and profit. It helps bring technology into the boardroom as a key player. I love this book!"

— Andy

5/5 "Mandatory read no matter where you are in the solution lifecycle."

I was lucky enough to get an advance copy of this book. Even in its pre-release state the book was stunning. The thought the authors and illustrators put into the visual representation of dry and boring topics is incredible. I've now read this book cover to cover 3 times. Over the course of my career I've held leadership positions in startups and been a part of organizations with mid-cycle solutions. When they say that this book can help no matter where you are in the solution lifecycle. I believe it. Most people understand that pricing can impact profit. But now I can see how understanding the implications of things like licensing and compliance can also impact profitability. This book inspires you to think a bit differently about the design of your software-enabled solution. In a good way. After all. Just like the sun sustains the earth...profit sustains your business. High recommend.

— Kristen

5/5 "Well-structured and impactful material!"

I really enjoyed reading the book. Even though it is almost 400 pages, the book is put together very well and is easy to navigate and read. Not only is it color-coded by section, each section is chocked full of diagrams that make consumption of the material a breeze. Of course the most important part is the content in the book - it is well designed and I can easily see how this can help companies get sustainable, impactful value from implementing the lessons and guidance in Software Profit Streams. Overall the book is organized and structured very well. Luke, Jason and Federico - nice job!

— Charlene

5/5 "A textbook reference to pricing and market analysis"

Product Managers and Product Owners in any organizations are tasked with the responsibility of building the right product for their customers and their business. This means not only building a product that works and that delivers solutions to the customers, but also a product that can be sustainably viable in the marketplace. Yet too often product people focus on the "building" part of the job, and forget the "business" part. Software Profit Streams helps to close the gap, by providing tools and insights on how to think holistically about a new product offering, how to identify profit streams, and how to generate sustainable value for the business. In this book Jason and Luke have amassed a wealth of knowledge, pulling from product management, business, and marketing practices. And they have distilled even complex concepts into bite-sized topics that are both easy to understand and usable in action. However, this is a huge book, counting almost 400 pages. It is a textbook for product people interested in learning all aspects of the topic.

— V. Zanini / Product Management Expert, Certified Product Innovation Trainer

5/5 "The Cognitive Accelerator You Are Looking For"

Software Profit Streams will improve the performance and sustainability of your digital product, even if you’re already successful and have an experienced team. After applying the Profit Stream Canvas described in this book, you’ll ask new questions and will think more clearly about your product, its place in the market, and its long-term sustainability. This book is the cognitive accelerator you’re looking for, and you’ll want to reference it again and again.

Not only that... it's beautifully designed; it's almost what you could call a coffee table book :-)

—  Joe M.

Continuous improvement.

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