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Profit Streams™ Partners

Our partners are here to help you succeed!

We've created a global partner program of experienced consultants and trainers who can help you design a more sustainably profitable business.

Consulting, workshops and training

Our partners can deliver tailored consulting engagements, focused workshops, and interactive, hands-on, learning-by-doing educational experiences that help you succeed. 


Thought leaders and community builders

Our partners are thought leaders and community builders. You'll find them sharing their wisdom in webinars, at conferences, on LinkedIn, and other forms of social media.

Designers, guides, mentors

We know that designing pricing, packaging, and licensing for new or existing solutions can feel daunting. Our partners are authentic leaders, designers, guides, and mentors, committed to your success. 


Connect with a Profit Streams Partner

nTier Training is a technical learning partner for IT departments and teams. Learning isn’t one-size-fits-all, so don’t waste time with off-the-shelf training initiatives. We offer a variety of  services to ensure your workforce masters the skills they need as quickly as possible. 
At Peer To Peer,  we live by the notion, every company that aspires to succeed in the next decade needs to begin executing a digital transformation strategy. Our mission is to guide your business through the digital landscape, bolstering your profitability, agility, and growth.

Our Scagilize team has – as of trainer, consultant & (agile/hybrid) coach – more than 150 years of combined practical, global experience in scaled "classic", hybrid and agile approaches; as well as (digital) business and organizational transformation.

If you're not profitable, you're not sustainable. We accelerate and improve your path to sustainable profitability. Become a leader in the emerging field of Solution Profitability Management and tackle your toughest profitability challenges.
Although there are many kinds of transformation journeys, we have a deliberate focus on cloud adoption, enterprise business agility, automation, product management and large scale organizational change – as well as the solutions to many unique transformation challenges.
Discover KEGON Academy, your one-stop destination for top-notch training in Agile, Lean, and Project Management. Advance your professional development and gain a competitive edge to strengthen and successfully transform your business.
Enhance your skills and establish a sustainable business through more effective pricing and licensing and better customer return on investment through Profit Streams™ training, consulting and certifications.

"The Profit Streams partner we hired was the missing piece to our puzzle of creating a more profitable business. "


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Who is a Profit Streams™ Partner?

A Profit Streams™ Partner is a consulting and/or training company who has one or more Certified Profit Streams™ Designers (CPS-D) Certified Profit Streams™ Trainers (CPS-T). 

How are partners qualified?

Partners attend a rigorous combination of training and certification programs to ensure they can help companies design more sustainably profitable solutions. 

Where are partners located? What languages do they speak?

Our partners are located in North America and Europe. Collectively, we speak English, French, German, Spanish, and Portuguese. If you need help in a specific language, contact us and we'll find a partner who can help. 

How do I become a partner?

We welcome qualified partners to join our program. Please visit for more information.