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Become a Profit Streams™ Partner

Evolve your consulting and training business.

You've seen the Canvas, you've checked out the resources, and now you are wondering, as a change agent or consultant, how you can bring a holistic view of profitability to your clients and learners.

Now is the time for Profit Streams™

We love Agile - and we suspect you love Agile too, because Agile done well creates 'value', right? Alas, Agile isn't enough. Value does NOT create a sustainably profitable company. Profit does.

Executives are compensated for profit, not 'value'

According to Harvard Business Review, 83% of the 250 largest S&P 500 firms use a formulaic annual incentive plan, or one that includes predefined metrics and weightings. The most common metrics are profits (used by 91%) and revenues (used by 49%).  

And even if the companies you serve aren't one of these large companies, chances are good that the executives you serve are compensated by profitnot 'value'. If you're not sure - ask!

Agile isn't delivering profits

Executives have invested hundreds of millions of dollars into their 'value' streams with too little to show for it. Executives don't want value. They want something they can understand - something that creates a sustainable business. Executives want a profit.

Better pricing, packaging, and licensing is the key to profit

We know you're proud that you're helping companies deliver more valuable features. Now you can help them deliver a better profit by helping them design more profitable pricing, packaging, and licensing models. 

Help your clients design a sustainably profit business

We know you want to create a HUGE positive impact on your client's business. And we suspect you also want to grow your own skills by joining a community of thought leaders who are advancing the art and practice of business agility. You can accomplish this - and more - by joining the Profit Streams™ Partner Program. 

Your clients want your help

Your clients have hired you for consulting and training services because they trust your experience and ability to help them accomplish their goals. 

By joining the Profit Streams™ Partner Program, you can help them even more. You can help them design sustainably profitable solutions. You can provide the training their employees need to keep the profits flowing. You can leverage your wisdom and experience in agile development practices and business agility to create a more sustainable business that benefits all stakeholders.

Join the Profit Streams™ Partner Program (PSPP)

Designed for trainers, coaches, and organizations who provide consulting and training services to companies creating software-enabled solutions, the PSPP credentials and supports trainers and coaches, and the organizations they work for, as they deliver Profit Streams™ classes, workshops, and other professional services.


What do you get from being a Profit Streams™ Partner?

Does the thought of teaching another 'Introduction to Agile' class leave you a bit less that completely excited? We understand. And while we love all things agile, we also love innovation that helps us grow as individuals and as a business leaders. 

Join the Profit Streams™ partner program and realize these benefits:

  • Revenue
    You'll grow your business by providing new training and consulting services to your clients.
  • Partner Ready Service Offerings
    You can immediately apply our partner-ready service offerings to help your clients design more sustainably profitable businesses. And as we develop more services, you'll find even more opportunities.
  • Referrals
    As Profit Streams™ continue to grow, you'll join a network of partners and gain access to leads and referrals. 
  • Courseware
    You will have access to pre-built courseware to teach courses, either in public sessions or as part of a consulting engagement. We maintain the courses so all you have to do is teach!
  • Consulting templates
    We'll provide you with partner-ready consulting templates and behind the scenes guidance to help you deliver successful engagements. 
  • Thought Leadership
    You will join a community of thought leaders who are leading the most important change in Lean-Agile practices.

Interested in Learning More?

"Profit Streams™ adds a whole suite of services to consultants interested in helping their clients ensure their investments in Lean-Agile practices create a sustainable profit."

Luke Hohmann

co-author, Software Profit Streams™: A Guide to Designing a Sustainably Profitable Business