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Software Profit Streams™ Change Log

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Get the latest updates for Software Profit Streams™.

Here we will share all the relevant changes we have made to the new editions of our book, Software Profit Streams™: A Guide to Designing a Sustainably Profitable Business, available exclusively on Amazon.

The following change-log highlights recent updates, improvements, and modifications to Software Profit Streams™ and serves as a reference for all readers to stay informed about the book's evolution and the benefits readers can expect from updated versions.

Software Profit Streams™ Change Log

April 2023 - 1.0.0 Edition
  • This is our very first version of the book. Are there any typos? Sure! Can it be improved further? Absolutely!
  • Our first edition covers all the basics: Software Profit Streams™, Solution, Economic, and Relationship sustainability
  • Introduces the Profit Stream Canvas™ and its applications.
June 2023 - 1.1.0 Edition
  • Minor typos and and grammatical fixes throughout the book.
  • An update "Direct/Indirect Economic Benefits" to "Tangible/Intangible Benefits" in order to simplify the concept.
  • Name change of the "Dimension and Magnitude of Benefit" cards to "Benefit cards".
  • Color scheme standardization for each sustainability group of the canvas: Solution (Orange), Economic (Teal), and Relationship (Blue).
  • Enhanced the graphic that shows the "Flow of the Profit Stream Canvas" on page 322.
  • Updated color scheme for the economic triggers graphic on page 344.
  • Refined the color coding to better distinguish between OVS and DVS on page 21.
  • Updated the Solution Benefit Map on page 116
  • And more!...