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Prioritizing for Profitable Growth

Live Session: Wednesday July 5, 2023 @12PM ET | VIEW RECORDING | DOWNLOAD PRESENTATION

To create and maintain a sustainable business, product managers and agile business leaders must balance three dimensions of growth:

  • Serving - and retaining - current customers.
  • Acquiring new customers.
  • Lowering costs to service customers and increasing operational efficiency

Product managers cannot do this alone, as each of these dimensions of growth requires collaboration with multiple stakeholders.

During the one-hour live session on Wednesday, July 5th @ 12pm ET,   Luke Hohmann and Jason Tanner discussed how product managers can leverage agile practices and Profit Streams™ design to effectively collaborate to balance profitable dimensions of growth.

Luke will illustrate how to use Miro for a series of activities that ensure your organization is Prioritizing for Profit.

We're excited to see you there!

Agile Expert Webinars by Miro and Applied Frameworks
This webinar is part of a series produced in partnership with Applied Frameworks, where Agile experts spotlight what’s new in Agile to inspire and educate.