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Mark & Jason: What is a Profit Stream?

What is a Profit Stream, and why should you care? Profit is the net income resulting from revenue minus expenses. Profit is essential because, without profit, a business is unsustainable. The problem is that while there is lots of guidance on pricing regular goods and services, there is little guidance on designing profitable software-enabled solutions - until now.

Join author and framework designer Jason Tanner and Certified Profit Streams Trainer Marc Danziger as they explore the Profit Stream Canvas and dive into designing profit streams and why it is essential for creating a sustainable (and profitable) business.

Interested in learning more?  Join Jason and Marc for our upcoming Profit Stream Design course, a three-day collaborative learning and working session for business and product leaders that provides the knowledge needed to use the Profit Stream Canvas to deliver sustainable, profitable software-enabled solutions. 

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About Marc Danziger

Marc Danziger is an Enterprise Consultant at Eliassen Group and serves as Sr. Director of Agile Delivery. An experienced technical delivery leader and systems architect, his involvement with SAFe and agile spans over two decades. Marc holds several SAFe, Scrum, and Profit Streams Certifications, allowing his expertise to help organizations in several major industries adopt agile practices and support profitable growth.