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#TBT - 1 Year of Software Profit Streams™

One year ago, we set out on an ambitious journey with the release of Software Profit Streams: A Guide to Designing a Sustainably Profitable Business.

Our goal was clear: to unlock the potential for sustainable profitability of software-enabled solutions. The response was overwhelming, with the book quickly becoming an Amazon #1 Bestseller in four categories! As we celebrate this significant milestone and the past year, we're amazed by the progress we've made together.

The Genesis of a Vision

Software Profit Streams emerged from a compelling vision to equip IT and Business Leaders with the knowledge and strategies to craft solutions that deliver value AND profit. Amid the challenges of shrinking profit margins and the swift pace of technological advancement, our book aimed to serve as a guiding light.

A Year of Transformation

This past year has been transformative. We've had the privilege of seeing how the insights and strategies from our book have spurred change across a spectrum of businesses, from budding startups to seasoned companies seeking to refresh their revenue models. The journey has been both inspiring and humbling, filled with stories of success and growth.

The Power of Community

A highlight of this journey has been witnessing the vibrant community and Profit Streams Partner Program that has rallied around the Profit Stream™ Canvas. This group has thrived on robust discussions, valuable feedback, and shared narratives of success, becoming a cornerstone of knowledge and support. It underscores our collective ambition to explore the realms of possibility.

Looking Ahead

As we mark this one-year anniversary, we also cast our gaze forward. The software landscape continues to evolve, brimming with opportunities for innovation and profit. Our commitment remains unwavering: to offer insightful strategies and knowledge to help you overcome obstacles and capitalize on the prospects that lie ahead. Dive into our webinars and blog posts to see our latest endeavors.

A Note of Gratitude

This milestone offers us a moment to express our heartfelt thanks to everyone who has been part of this journey. To our readers, contributors, partners, teammates, and families - your involvement has been pivotal to our achievements over the past year.