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The Profit Stream Canvas

We continue to celebrate the 1 year anniversary of the release of Software Profit Streams: A Guide to Designing a Sustainably Profitable Business, and so we wanted to take a few moments to visit the Framework that inspired the book.  The Profit Stream Canvas.  

We understand that a great software product involves more than just a hopeful strategy—it requires a solid, well-thought-out plan that encompasses every aspect of the business.

The Profit Stream Canvas™ is your ultimate guide to crafting software solutions that are not only profitable but also sustainable. This innovative tool is designed to help you and your team navigate the complex landscape of software business modeling, encompassing vital factors such as return on investment (ROI), pricing strategies, licensing, and much more.

Why use the Profit Stream Canvas?

  • Holistic Approach: Integrates critical inputs from Sales, Marketing, R&D, Finance, Product Management, and Legal teams to ensure a comprehensive business model.

  • Expert Insights: Developed from years of firsthand experience by seasoned product managers, consultants, and trainers.

  • Dynamic Profitability: Helps you dynamically adjust and fine-tune business elements to maximize profits and accelerate growth.

  • Collaborative Framework: Encourages cross-departmental collaboration to optimize the creation, pricing, distribution, and licensing of your software solutions.

  • Sustainable Business Design: Guides you in designing pricing and licensing models that ensure the revenue generated far exceeds operational costs.

Embrace the necessary evolution of value streams with Profit Streams™, designed specifically to quantify the economic value of your solutions and secure a sustainable business future. Let the Profit Stream Canvas™ guide you through making the essential choices that lead to sustainable profitability. Download your copy of the canvas here.