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Software Profit Streams™


Create sustainably profitable software-enabled solutions.

Too many companies do a poor job of pricing and licensing their software-enabled solutions. They need help.
Unfortunately, they can’t find it. The old books on pricing don’t cover the incredible breadth and depth of modern software-enabled solutions. And none of the books on business models, design thinking, UX, or value streams provide direct, actionable guidance on pricing, licensing, and creating a sustainable profit. Join the newsletter, download the canvas, check out the resources, and be a part of helping us build profitable software solutions. 
Our book will help you design:
  • Solution Sustainability
  • Economic Sustainability
  • Relationship Sustainability

"Each book drop reveals more of the Profit Stream Canvas - I find myself anticipating each drop so I can continue to push my product team towards profitability"

- Carter H.

About the authors


Jason Tanner

CEO @ Applied Frameworks


Luke Hohmann

CINO @ Applied Frameworks

Continuous improvement.

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